Sauna benches from a Finnish manufacturer

MUOTO benches is known as a pioneer in sauna furnishings. We offer our customers pleasurable sauna-bathing aesthetics and ergonomics, which arise from Finnish design and the high quality of the workmanship.

Due to flexible sizing and a highly-developed installation system, the sauna benches of MUOTO suit all kinds of spaces, from compact saunas within the apartments of blocks of flats to large and luxurious representational saunas. We supply entire sauna packages to both Finland and also abroad.

Delivery in parts or ready-assembled

Delivery is carried out, depending on the customer’s choice, either in parts or as ready-assembled elements. Whether the sauna in question is the home sauna of your family, the communal sauna of the housing organisation or, for example, the public representational sauna of a hotel, you will get from us a steam room dedicated to relaxation, in which the sauna bathers can feel comfortable and enjoy themselves, as well as being left looking forward to the next time.

You can get the basic solutions for sauna benches directly off the shelf. In the case of made-to-measure saunas, get in touch and we’ll go through your wishes!

Luxurious sauna moments since 1996

Our production facility, product development unit and the showroom and sales office of  MUOTO benches are in the centre of Kuopio. We welcome you to come and get to know the birthplaces of your own MUOTO sauna!

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