Benches for every sauna

The starting point of the planning and design of MUOTO benches is a person enjoying a sauna in a relaxed seated position. The feet, back and neck rest supported and without growing numb. Movable arm and neck rests and the straightening plane that facilitates lying on the bench ensure finding your own perfect position to have a sauna.

The frame structures of MUOTO benches are galvanised steel and the material of the visible parts of the frame is a cover wood-type material. The cover wood options are spruce, alder, aspen and heat-treated aspen. Individual alterations can easily be made to bench set-ups.

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Home and cottage saunas

Whether your sauna is electric or wood-fired, a town or cottage sauna, with MUOTO benches you can raise your sauna enjoyment to an entirely new level.

The quickest way you can get to enjoy the warmth of a new sauna and the scent of fresh wood is to send us a plan of the dimensions of your sauna and ask us for an offer.

You can make a plan on graph paper, for example. In addition to the interior measurements of the sauna, the plan should show the door, the type and power of the stove and the position of any possible window.

Housing organisation saunas

In the communal saunas of housing organisations, the functionality, quality and durability of the benches are really tested. There are many kinds of people taking saunas in housing organisation, from babies to grandpas, and so diverse comfort of use and safety are also important selection criteria.

MUOTO benches are designed right from the start with the whole family in mind so that there is no reason for concern about the functionality of our communal sauna solution. Furthermore, for someone selling their flat, the housing organisation’s splendid sauna area also works as an excellent selling point.

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Representational saunas

In representational premises, MUOTO benches really do themselves justice. We design and realise even the most demanding sites with style and expertise. In representational saunas, our reputation crosses geographical borders and every site is realised exclusively while taking the customer’s special wishes into account.

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Bench models

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