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On this page you can familiarise yourself with our price list.

Examples of the prices of MUOTO benches

MUOTO benches can be installed against one wall or in a corner, with either a corner table or a corner seat, and also as opposingly-seated models or so-called U models.

The general price level, depending on the size of the sauna and choice of beam material:

  • For single-wall installed models, in the range €650–€1,400 or just a frame package from €439
  • Corner model with a corner table (KP) or corner model with a corner seat (KI), only the frame part from around €750
  • Opposingly-seated models (VY  and  VE) about twice the price of a single-wall bench package
  • U models (UKP/UKI) frame part from €1,200
  • Movable arm rests €35/unit
  • TASO benches as a corner model around €1,000–€1,500

Domestic country freight charges, depending on the size of the delivery:

  • Frame packages from €35
  • Beam package in parts €55
  • Beam package as assembled elements when the beam length is
    •     Under 180 cm €155
    •     180–240 cm €195

We will get more precise price offers on the basis of the bench plan. We are also happy to help with drawing up the bench plan. The initial information needed for the bench plan is the interior measurements of the sauna, the locations of the door and stove and the type and power of the stove.

Prices of MUOTO benches

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