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MUOTO benches frame package, which is only missing beam cover wood. The beams can be obtained up to a length of 180 cm. Includes three bench frames, the foot support frames, fixing screws and illustrative assembly and installation instructions.

  • R890/3                    €395 + freight €35 (normal price €439 + freight €35)
  • R1110/3                  €425 + freight €35 (normal price €475 + freight €35)

MUOTO benches frame package, which is only missing beam cover wood. The beams can be obtained up to a length of 240 cm. Includes four bench frames, the foot support frames, stepping stool frames, fixing screws and illustrative assembly and installation instructions.

  • R890/4                    €495 + freight €35 (normal price €573 + freight €35)
  • R1110/4                  €557 + freight €35 (normal price €622 + freight €35)

MUOTO bench frame package, includes two bench frames, fixing screws and assembly instructions.

  • R605/2                    €199 + freight €25 (normal price €223 + freight €25)

Movable arm rests (spruce/abachi/aspen/alder/heat-treated aspen)

  • €30/unit + postage fees (normal price €35/unit + postage fees)

MUOTO benches for saunas and dressing rooms

Clearance sale offers

A bench that has been a demonstration model in the shop window (clean, treated with paraffin oil): MUOTO benches R890+3, 156 cm in length, heat-treated aspen. Includes a foot support and stepping stool. The beam length is suited for a sauna 160–164 cm in width. If required, the bench can easily be made shorter by moving one of the side bench frames and sawing the beam to a suitable size. If the sauna is wider, a side table for stove water and sauna scents, for example, can easily be put at the end of the bench.

  • €595 + freight €90 (normal price €1,031 + assembly + freight)

Reasonably-priced stepping stools/footstools, alder, height 30 cm, depth 38 cm and width 50 cm, 30 units in clearance sale.

  • €15/unit + freight

Sauna glass door, 9 x 21, with alder frames, 8 mm bronze-tinted whole glass pane, with long alder door handles. Unused, in packaging.

  • €210 + freight (normal price around  €350 + freight)

Galvanised triangle stepping stool frames, feet wood and with adjustable feet. Shortest sides 70 cm and the long mounting side is 100 cm. Frame of sturdy 3 mm galvanised steel. The fixing holes are suitable for use with either 28 x 45 bench bars or 28 x 90 bench beams. 6 units with just frames and one unit ready with abachi bars, from which it’s easy to change the wood material if so required.

  • €50/unit + freight

SAVO stove, Scandia, SCA – 60NB, power 6 kW, with an RST frame and fixed control panel. Unused, in packaging.

  • €120 + freight (normal price around €200 + freight)

Galvanised corner irons/supports. More precise sizing pictures and holes are attached. Suitable, for example, for use as outside step supports or e.g. the fixtures of a swimming and boat jetty. Length 208 mm, width 40 mm and height 50 mm. Around 1,200 units in clearance sale.

  • €1.50/unit + freight or postage fees

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